Many people are aware of Zelda Dungeon around these parts, and some for various reasons. For our exclusive viewers who don’t venture out into other parts of the community, you may only know them as a site we have had previous issues with in regards to news sourcing and other behind the scenes issues. To the more informed, they know that Zelda Dungeon is one of the leading Zelda “content” sites on the web, and is the most popular Zelda site in the crowd. In many ways, for a Zelda fan, they are awesome. They brought news of the Skyward Sword Easter Egg in Ocarina of Time 3D to the world, for example.

However, we naturally provide our own niche in the community, and we have now had the honor of Zelda Dungeon interviewing our own Alex Plant in a nice Q and A session in regards to Skyward Sword.

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