Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Sonic as he appears in the fan filmYesterday we missed out on another big video game birthday: Sonic the Hedgehog turned 20! To make up for lost time, I started digging up all the Sonic-related news I could find, starting with a trailer for a short fan film. Of course, it’s hard to come up with a notable or legitimate-seeming fan film, but this one managed to grab my attention thanks to one extremely interesting fact: the creators have recruited Jaleel White, the original voice actor for the character from the Saturday morning animated series back in the 90s (also famous for playing Steve Urkel in the 90s sitcom Family Matters).

Okay, so that’s not the only reason – the trailer’s not too bad either.

Hearing Jaleel back in the Sonic role is terribly nostalgic to say the least – the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon was one of my absolute favorites growing up. I wonder how closely they’ll be able to get the actors for Tails and Eggman to match their characters’ original voices…

As with most fan films, this one’s not-for-profit and is purely a love letter to fans from a longtime fan. You can follow the project at its homepage to keep up with all the latest trailers and news. You’ll also find an updated version of this trailer on the website that shows off live-recorded footage spliced in with the CG animated stuff.

Source: Sonic Fan Film via GoNintendo

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