In a recent Miiting on Miiverse, Eiji Aonuma finally answered the decade long question about a certain cutscene at the end of the game where Zant’s neck… is a bit crazy. Why did this happen? Fans have been wondering for ages as it always felt a bit out of place. Well, Eiji Aonuma has a pretty literal answer that will leave you scratching your head more than gaining a full understanding.

I’m not going to be too obvious because I know it might still be a spoiler for some people, but please tell us more about your intentions behind the thing with Zant’s neck after Ganon’s boss battle! I really, really want to know!

Eiji Aonuma: “Ten years later, the time has finally come to reveal the truth… The truth is… To be honest, I’m not sure, either! It was a mystery to most of the staff, too… The leader of the team that created that scene was well known for being a bit of a lone wolf when it came to making cutscenes. We wanted to make the best of those qualities in him, so we had him make all of the cutscenes for Twilight Princess. When he made that one, I couldn’t help thinking “The neck! The neck!” but I had immense faith in him. Anything he made must be art. I remember thinking that I just didn’t get it, so I didn’t say anything at the time.”

Well, it’s very interesting how one person got so much power over these scenes.

Source: Miiverse

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