Oracle of Ages ScreenshotWith Link’s Awakening confirmed for the 3ds virtual console, it sure seems like an inevitability that both the Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages will becoming soon as well. With that in mind, we currently are working on rebuilding our Oracle of Ages Walkthrough. This walkthrough in particular has been one of the glaring holes here at Zelda Dungeon as even 9 years after the games release, we have yet to provide a complete walkthrough for the game. Rest assured we are working on it behind the scenes, but in the mean time as a quick fix, we are providing a new shortened quick guide of a walkthrough. This is a short, textual, bullet-point format guide that will take you through the main quest. I started working on it a few days back, and currently we are three chapters available, but I hope to have it complete in just a week or two. It’s not nearly as elaborate as our recently completed Ocarina of Time Walkthrough or Twilight Princess Walkthrough, but it gets the job done as a quick fix.

Speaking of content. About a week ago, I posted some openings for new content writers. We’ve since added two great new staffers to the team. However, we are still looking for new people. If you have any interested in helping out here at Zelda Dungeon, feel free to apply by sending an e-mail to me at

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