Oracle of Ages Enemy Guide

As many of you may have noticed, I have recently been admitted into the Zelda Dungeon Staff Team a few weeks ago in late October. I am Wyatt Kieffner, also known on the forums as Kybyrian. I joined back on January 31st of this year, and saw recently a post by Mases that the site was hiring. I decided to apply after a bit of debating with myself and figured I would give it a shot and was accepted.

Shortly after I became staff I began working on an Oracle of Ages Enemy Guide which a few of you may have already known. Just recently it has been completed and edited as needed.

~ Oracle of Ages ~
Complete Enemy Guide

In the future, I plan on working on some more pages for Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons and leveling them out with the rest of the site and provide some needed or missing information from either of the two games.

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