Happy birthday to the

Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons games! They turned 14 today, having been originally released in Japan on February 27, 2001 for the Game Boy Color. They were developed by Capcom and later released onto the Virtual Console in 2013.

The story of each game features

Link from A Link to the Past going on another adventure after the defeat of Ganon. At the start of each title, Link is summoned by the Triforce and teleported to one of two lands. According to Hyrule Historia, the twin witches known as Twinrova hatched a scheme to resurrect Ganon, and they sent subordinates to the lands of Holodrum and Labrynna to capture two oracles.


Oracle of Seasons, Link arrives in the land of Holodrum and meets Din, the Oracle of Seasons. Shortly after, she is taken away by the dark general Onox. Link eventually rescues her by using the Rod of Seasons, changing the seasons in different areas to complete his quest. Afterwards, in Oracle of Ages, Link arrives in Labrynna where he meets Nayru, the Oracle of Ages. Not long after the hero meets Nayru, she is possessed by a sorceress named Veran, and Link has to save her. He does so by using the Harp of Ages to travel through time, eventually defeating Veran and saving the oracle.

Both games used a password system to let players continue the adventure if they combined the right codes. In the combined story, Twinrova kidnaps

Princess Zelda and attempts to sacrifice her in order to resurrect Ganon. Link ruins the plan, and the witches sacrifice themselves instead. The failed ceremony resurrects a mindless demonic Ganon, and Link defeats him. With another adventure complete, Link gets on a ship and sails away, leading to the events of

Link’s Awakening.

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