Hyrule-WarriorsRecently, Tumblr user LovelyMidnaMage, has released a post stating his/her experience playing Hyrule Warriors at Japan Expo. LovelyMidnaMage’s post gave us an inside look at a few things. One is a look at a player’s reaction to the game, another being a lot of info about the game, a major one being co-op and more characters coming to the game.

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The demo I played had two playable characters: Link (sword or fire rod) and Zelda. I decide to use fire rod Link as I was curious to how he played while the dude before me had just used Zelda (and holy hell she’s brutal).

It was very enjoyable, seems like the demo was in the first level of the game (Hyrule Fields+Castle) where Zelda is pretty surprised at seeing link and I quote:

“You! I saw you at the training grounds this morning here!”

While Link’s fairy just says that they have to hurry up and help the princess. Everybody in the demo called Zelda a princess and not a QUEEN like it had been said which was weird.

Anyway gameplay is simple, but not being able to jump(meaning no aerial attacks and jump cancel combos) wasn’t that cool.

The lady next to me confirmed to me two things:
1)There will be both ONLINE and offline coop.
2)Apparently, more classic characters are going to appear (she smiled when I asked if OoT chars were going to come but didn’t answer me because she couldn’t, interpret that however you want).
3)By leveling up you character you’ll unlock stuff? She couldn’t really answerr this either but I’m guessing weapons/heart/combos/cancels?

Anyway the demo was very fun and damn your char runs as fast as sonic when there are no opponents it’s awesome. The boss I fought (King Dodongo) was kinda meh though.

Here we can clearly see that, yes co-op will be in the game, both online and offline, as well as more classic characters, Ocarina of Time characters being hinted at. Personally I think that LovelyMidnaMage’s post gave us a lot of information on the game, including upcoming features and how the game is going to be in general.

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