Wait a minute, Young Link can't get into the Forest Temple…

There’s a reason I write for a Zelda fansite – I’m obsessed to the core. So naturally any time a new trailer surfaces I’m going to be all over it looking for details that others might pass over. I re-watched the Master Quest promotional trailer from the Japanese Ocarina of Time 3D site this morning and I noticed something that I hadn’t seen before: what looks to be a shot of Young Link… in the Forest Temple.

Of course, everyone knows that this is technically impossible in the original Ocarina of Time (or even the original Master Quest, for that matter), which would suggest that there’s definitely some real “new content” to be experienced. I doubt that we’ll actually go into the real Forest Temple as Young Link, but I think it’s definitely possible that there will be some kind of “Cave of Ordeals” enemy challenge mode that we can undertake, and that would most likely include both Child and Adult iterations. Look for the clip at about the 1:06 mark to see it in context.

If this really is some kind of new dungeon, we’re going to have our work cut out for us when it comes to making sure our Ocarina of Time 3D walkthrough is truly up-to-date with all the latest additions to the 3DS version. Look for the walkthrough’s launch sometime in June.

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