Koji Kondo has been around for a long time at Nintendo, so he’s composed hundreds if not thousands of different songs for various games – either as the lead sound director or simply as someone who is part of a larger team. We’ve come to know and love many of his works over the years, with much of them being instantly recognizable when we hear them anywhere we go. Interestingly enough, The Legend of Zelda theme is among some of his favorite compositions he has ever created. Here’s what he had to say when asked in a recent interview about his favorite music…

IGN: What are your three favorite pieces of music? Not just limited to video games, these can be anything – something you’ve created, or not.

Kondo: For my own music: the Super Mario theme, the Legend of Zelda theme, and in the current Mario Maker, the Underground Theme remix in the NES edit mode. For music that I didn’t create, I’d say the main theme music for Dragon Quest, the main theme for Wii U Super Smash Bros., and the music from Mappy, an old Namco game.”

Interesting how one of his favorite compositions he’s crafted came from Mario Maker. It also appears he has a massive affinity to video game music, since the question included the entire world of music but all that kept going across his mind is video games. The guy must live and breath them! Pretty neat that after all these years, the Mario an d Zelda theme are still among his favorites out of his own work.

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