Do you remember heading west through a corridor in the Shadow Temple, only to be shut inside the room at the other end, becoming trapped? Do you remember the dark, ominous composition that played in the background as you tried to navigate your way through the Shadow Temple’s sick and twisted halls? I’m sure you do, just as Tim Löchner remembers.

Löchner, a freelance artist based out of Berlin, Germany, created an absolutely terrifying and detailed piece of Ocarina of Time’s infamous Dead Hand mini-boss. In Löchner’s digital 2D piece “DeadHand,” the viewer can truly feel the gripping nature of the struggle and dread involved with this battle.

When Dead Hand finally emerges in the confining room of the Shadow Temple, the horror settles in as it careens toward you, with its head angled up toward the ceiling. As the disturbing entity shuffled toward me, I remember almost being frozen in fear, not knowing what the next step was… not sure of what I should do or what was going to happen. All of this terror was captured and recreated by Löchner. The fright and fight in Link’s face, the more naturalistic and elongated teeth and scythes of the Dead Hand, and even the ghastly Infinite Hands are present in this composition.

I don’t know about you, but I almost breathed a sigh of relief when I noticed there was no link or option for individuals to buy prints. This enemy and the battle that ensued were frightening enough—we don’t need to be reminded of it with this piece hanging on our walls in our own hallways.

What do you think of Löchner’s rendition of this Ocarina of Time mini-boss? If you could compose a piece in such a way, which enemy would you choose to recreate? Let us know in the comments below!

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