Hello, friends and readers, and welcome back to “On the Quest for 100!”

It has been a while, I know — things have been pretty crazy for me in the Zelda Dungeon-sphere! Fan Fiction Friday’s “Beyond the Horizon” saw its season finale, Linktober happened, our Best Zelda Ever 2018 list came out, we had another Smash Direct, and I ran through Murder in Castle Town with our Managing Editor, Rod Lloyd. So, needless to say, October was absolute chaos!

And, you know what? I am still all about it. Let’s keep the adrenaline up. This episode, I am going to do something simultaneously stupid and amazing that I saw on the Internet once. I’m going to attempt to recreate this video from Twitter, all for the sake of comedy. I may not be able to complete my task this episode — I probably won’t –, but I can start my trials here and update you all later. I have to try. Stuff like what I am now dubbing “Guardian Launching” is exactly why I could not let my Breath of the Wild save go, and why “On the Quest for 100” exists in the first place. Stupid, silly, hilariously fun stunts that I can pull on my way to 100%.

I mean, it can only end well, right?

So, here’s the setup. I need to find myself a Guardian Stalker, preferably one in a wetter environment.

Lanayru Wetlands, here I come!

Examining the video, admittedly, I feel a bit like it was a glitch that resulted in lift-off, which isn’t something I can up and just perfectly recreate. But I can cheese it, I think. Maybe mixing in some Stasis with my Cryonis? Like, maybe, if I can be fast enough, I can form a Cryonis block under the Guardian, then freeze the Guardian with Stasis and get under it to smack it a few times with my sword. Let’s try that first.



Ok. I am getting way too much entertainment out of this — even though I took damage from that Guardian flipping on my head. That was pretty stupid.



Can I keep him? I swear, I will take good care of him!



None of this was like the original video at all. But it was fun. Nevertheless, I will return to the drawing board and rethink my strategy, to revisit this on another day, in another episode, once the blood moon rises and my new pet returns to life. I really think Guardian Launching can be a new thing, and, come Hell or high water, I will pull it off.

Feel free to leave me your ideas for strategy improvements in the comments!


The Seed Collector

I made a little offering to the Goddesses for Korok seed number 579!



Progress Update

Hours: 415+ (from 395)

Korok Seeds: 579/900 (from 535)

Percentage: 73.02/100% (from 69.35)


Kat Vadam is a Copy Editor for Zelda Dungeon. She has adopted the Guardian Stalker in the Lanayru Wetlands as her pet. His name now is Larry. Follow their antics as they work together to master Guardian Launching on Twitter.

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