I wanted to avoid this, but I don’t think I can anymore.

Hey, friends and “Quest” readers! Welcome back, and thank you for joining me today as I finally swallow my pride and complete the Trial of the Sword.

The Beginning Trials.


A bit of history here. I have attempted this trial to upgrade the Master Sword a handful of times already, honing my strats and mastering the arts of minimalism and stealth. Admittedly, it took a bit of time and a few attempts with Link sneaking around in his underpants. Each time I tried, I would get farther and farther along in the Beginning Trials’ twelve increasingly difficult levels. Sure, it was annoying, but the fact that I would make progress kept me going. In time, I eventually got to a point where I could complete nearly every level without too much trouble. I felt pretty OK about the whole thing, like, “Hey, this isn’t so bad! Maybe I’ve just been overreacting.”

Until I hit level eleven, with the camp of monsters surrounded by water. And they come armed with fire.

Great. Just great. I just faced off against several Lizalfos in level ten. Sure, those quick little bastards buggers aren’t so bad, when I am fully armed and armored. But, stuck in the middle of this never ending test of my mettle, I am all but naked, with so little room to maneuver. Yes, I am usually successful, yes, I usually progress, but standing on the docks of the next level, I usually find myself at less than half health.  And I have to sail Link’s happy butt right up to a group of Bokos and a Moblin, with nothing in my stash but a few half-broken weapons, a handful of arrows, and a Minecraft pork chop.

Image result for nope gifSigh.

Can I…do I have to? Just…no. I have tried sailing to the camp. I have tried swimming sneakily to the camp. I just don’t know what to do. Every single time, I eat fire, and Link goes out in blaze of…well, it certainly isn’t glory. And that’s it. Mettle’s gone. Hero’s a coward. Time to go fishing. Hyrule can save itself, and the Master Sword can stay right where it is; sorry, Princess.

I don’t even want to think about what comes after eleven.

So, that’s where I have been stuck. After at least four times of trying and failing, only to eventually throw up my hands, all I have successfully managed to do for the past couple months is avoid the Trial of the Sword, because I just don’t wanna.

But, I gotta. So, I’m gonna.

And this time, I’m not going to stop until either the Master Sword is upgraded to base 40 damage, or my Switch is in two pieces on the ground. Hylia, send help.


Here goes nothing. I’m already down my fairy, due to a really lame and quick mishap with a Lizalfos in level ten — I think he hit me with his tongue? I am not sure, and, in the heat of battle, I didn’t think to record it. Sorry, guys.


Ok. My strategy to get to this point was mainly sniping and attempting to avoid being sniped myself. With fire arrows, no less. It was…largely successful. I got set on fire once, but the platform is surrounded by water, so that’s an easy problem to take care of.

This was my last opponent. Apparently, Moblins are hydrophobic? At least, down here, they are. Either way, on to level twelve.



Aaaaand…Hinox is down. Level twelve is complete, and…wait. Really? Wooooooooooo! Awe, yes.

So! There, uh…there you have it. I did it. I actually beat the Trial of the Sword’s Beginning Trials. Is this the first time in “Quest” history that I have been successful at something? Was it luck? The Grace of Hylia intervening to save the life of my Switch? Is it even for me to question? At this point, I don’t care. I will take the victory! Onto the next trials, my friends!


The Seed Collector

This little guy is near Dueling Peaks, but be careful. There’s a Guardian Stalker prowling around right next to the tree!


Progress Update

Hours: 425+ (from 415)

Korok Seeds: 626/900 (from 579)

Percentage: 77.01/100% (from 73.02)


Kat Vadam is a Copy Editor for Zelda Dungeon. One would think that after this long, the Trial of the Sword would be a cakewalk for her, but…HAH. Follow her frustrations as she tries not to snap her Switch in half on Twitter.

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