A tale of how to keep a game alive.

Happy New Year, friends and readers! The holidays are well over, 2019 is upon us, and I can’t stop writing 2018. Every. Single. Time. That means it’s time for me to put down Smash for a bit and revisit my true boo, Breath of the Wild.

For my first edition of the year, I am going to talk all about a certain meme challenge that’s been going around, because…well… How could I not? It’s so good, and just ripe with potential Quest goodness! When I first read this article, I knew I had to give it a shot of my own.

Here goes nothing. Time to turn Link into a bookcase thief.

A quick explanation about the meme: the basic premise is to enter Hyrule Castle, pick up a bookcase from the Library with Magnesis, and walk Link’s happy butt right out, bookcase in tow. Then, bring it with you, wherever you may roam. It’s your friend now, your companion. Show it a good time; it’s been cooped up in Hyrule Castle for so long.

Seriously, I love that this is a thing.


Getting the bookcase out of the castle alone takes a great deal of dedication. 

As a frequent raider of the Library, Dining Hall, and Armory, I am quite familiar with just how many enemies prowl those grounds. Having the Saas Ko’sah Shrine helps with breaking and entering, but I can’t really teleport a bookcase, so I that left me leaving the old-fashioned way: walking. Luckily, bookcases make useful shields and weapons.

Once I got out, I had a few places I wanted to go.  My first stop, of course, was to show off my spoils to my best friend Kass. Honestly, getting the bookcase around was a bit dull, as it was just me walking around with Magnesis activated for ten minutes. And, the worst part was, I had to take it the long way north through Hebra, due to that massive crevice that is Tanagar Canyon. That added several minutes, and even more encounters with monsters and Yiga.

Quick note on the Yiga: I beat your master. Get over it. Leave me alone, I’ve got stuff to do. Thanks.

Anyway, I finally made it to Rito Village, and, hugging the bookcase to the wall, made it up to my avian friend’s platform to make the introductions. Kass was a bit shocked – he kept yelping every time I adjusted the bookcase, but I think he was being a bit dramatic. I only hit him with it once. Then, we spent the night singing songs and telling tales, until the sun came up and it was time for my bookcase and me to leave.

I put a few more shots in the gallery down below, if anyone cares to check them out, but here’s a few good Tweets for you. All in all, I lugged that thing around to Hebra Peak, Rito Village, Ridgeland Tower, Central Tower, Kakariko, Mount Lanayru, Hateno…all over, really. I figure I will probably see if I can make it to Lurelin, Akkala, and Death Mountain at some point, but the fact that this is all done with runes can be a bit of a limiting factor. If I have to climb too high, Magnesis no longer reaches — hence, why I never actually hit the very top of Hebra Peak. But, eh. Close enough.



I actually really enjoyed this meme challenge. It forced me to strategize, utilizing existing surroundings just to figure out ways of shoving a bookcase places I don’t think the developers ever expected a bookcase to go. I mean, just because it can happen in an open world doesn’t mean it should or will. It takes a lot of thought — or a really bored gamer — to come up with the idea of stealing a bookcase from the castle for the sole purpose of lugging it around the world just to take ridiculous selfies. And the more ridiculous the selfie, the better. So, to the person that came up with this idea, thanks.

This game is almost two years old. There’s no more DLC coming — more than likely, though part of me still holds on to vain hopes — so how else are we going to keep it alive? By getting creative. By making our own fun. I know I have said this a thousand times, but that’s why I started my Quest for 100: there is still so much more to do.

And that, my friends, is why I will keep coming back to Breath of the Wild. Can’t stop, won’t stop.


The Seed Collector

Here you are! Number 669, found in Hebra along the path to Rito Village in Tabantha.


Progress Update

Hours: 445+ (from 425)

Korok Seeds: 673/900 (from 626)

Percentage: 80.76/100% (from 77.01)


Kat Vadam is a Random Game Journalist for Zelda Dungeon. She gives in to meme challenges far too easily. She also now has a brand new bookcase. Follow her on Twitter!

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