A few months ago, we posted a little teaser for an upcoming fan album called “On the Breath of the Wind.” Though the official announcement has been delayed much longer than we had initially hoped, Tom Swift is proud to finally reveal “On the Breath of the Wind,” a Wind Waker tribute album from the OC Remix community which will hopefully be ready by the end of the year. Check out the video above to get all hyped up!

Ten years ago today Nintendo released the ‘Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker’ in Europe, following its earlier release in America and Japan. Most famous for its bright, controversial, eye catching cell-shaded graphics it also boasted a bright, bold new direction for the series in terms of music and storytelling. To celebrate both these things I’m proud to announce ‘On the Breath of the Wind’, a musical tribute album featuring remixes of Wind Waker music.

Alongside the music the album will also feature dramatic narrations retelling the story of the Wind Waker. The album is currently set to include the artists Argle, Amphibious, Chernabogue, Mark of Two, Pixelpanic, Pokémoneinstein, Skyrider X, Thomas Swift and Tuberz McGee, and will star Michael Ellender and Glen Delaney as the King of Red Lions and Ganondorf. Work is nearly finished on the album and we hope to release it within the next year. In the mean time enjoy this trailer released exclusively through Zelda Informer and follow @Breathofthewind for news and updates.
Tom Swift, Album Director

The album features a wide range of musical artists, with album art created by Zelda Informer’s very own Colin McIsaac and Brian Scheid. Be sure to stay tuned here at Zelda Informer to read more news on the album as it comes!

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