Navi. Anybody who has played Ocarina of Time will know that this fairy’s constant cries of “Hey!” and “Listen!” are arguably the most annoying parts of the game, next to the maze that is the Water Temple. If we as players get annoyed by Navi’s screams for attention, think of how bad Link has it! This comic from OMOCAT illustrates Link’s frustration with Navi perfectly, as well as adds in a bit of a twist. Jump in to see the whole comic!

Poor Link. His frustration builds up, and when he finally blows, things only get worse! Link just can not win, can he?

On a side note, I like this comic’s art style. Very light and humorous, which fits the situation perfectly.

You can find more comics and art by OMOCAT at her website here.

Do you relate to this comic? Do you wish Navi would just shut up? Comment and let us know!

Source: OMOCAT

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