Olivia Munn, cohost of Attack of the Show

on G4tv, admits to loving Zelda. So the question is, why should we

care? Maybe a better question is, why should we not care? She only is

the cover girl for the latest playboy. Take the jump, you crazy people


Ok ok, so no where in that clip does she actually mention Zelda. I promise though, I’m not lying to you! Game Hunters, a division of USA Today, recently interviewed Olivia Munn and asked her some questions on gaming. Here’s what she said about Zelda:

Favorite game growing up?
“I was a huge Donkey Kong

fan. That’s why it was so amazing when we had Steve Wiebe on our show.

He was trying to beat the record. We didn’t show it but he was on a

great run and the power just cut out on him. … And Zelda, I’m a big Zelda fan.”

See folks, she does love Zelda. Now on to more pressing matters: picking up the latest issue of playboy. Please tell me she mentions Zelda somewhere in there so I can report on this further. Read the full interview here.

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