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Fantastic theorist and fanman HMK joins us for this week’s episode of the ZI Podcast….sort of. Adam is currently moving, Chris is in Orlando, and Jake is being an adult as we record together for the first time! HMK sits with us for the first half of this week’s episode, and before we leave, he tells about his favorite Zelda title, as well as his some of his favorite theories.

Thank you to Ferris for this week’s cover art! If you have any of your own fan art, topics, theme song submissions, or questions, please send those to us at We’d also appreciate it if you followed our host, Adam, on Twitter (and also maybe Chris, I guess). The second half of this week’s episode was recorded in person with Jake, Chris, and Adam (this is actually the first time Jake and Chris have met in person).

Hope you enjoy this week’s episode and spread the word! If you really like listening to the podcast every week, be sure to subscribe to us and rate us on iTunes and Podbean!

Also, enjoy the gallery below of Chris, Adam, and Jake taking a couple of dumb photos together.

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