Update: The 2023 My Nintendo desk calendar is now available in the United Kingdom, as well as in Australia and New Zealand. My Nintendo users in the UK can find the calendar available here, while those in Australia and New Zealand can find it available here. The calendar costs 300 Platinum Points in both regions.

Original: Time: It flies; the third one’s the charm; it will make fools of us all. And, cliche or not, it can get away from us. Thankfully for My Nintendo members, one of the club’s most popular exclusives has returned! At least in Japan.

The My Nintendo desk calendar is now available. For members of Nintendo’s loyalty program who can access the Japanese storefront, it can be reserved for 300 Platinum Points. The calendar comes as a set of 5 inch, square cards, bundled with a display stand. Each month’s card is printed on both sides. Where the front is red and features larger art and smaller dates, the backside is white and has a traditional calendar grid for adding memos. As usual, Nintendo’s A-team are featured prominently. Characters from Mario, Zelda, Splatoon, and Pikmin are all represented. Unfortunately the key art all appears to be pulled from previous releases. Link and Zelda’s now-classic looks from Breath of The Wild appear on February and October.

The My Nintendo desk calendar is available for Japanese users right here.

Generally, My Nintendo products that make the jump from Japan to Western markets are mostly unaltered. So, assuming the calendar is once again available to North American members, this should be the same product that comes our way.


What do you think of next year’s My Nintendo calendar? Have you ordered them in the past, and will you try to snag this one? Make time to tell us in the comments!

Source: Nintendo of Japan (via My Nintendo News), Nintendo UK, Nintendo Australia

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