Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

The music of Breath of the Wild was met with a mixed reception, as some fans felt its ambient, minimalist style did not meet the quality standards set by other games in the series. But despite these complaints, the game’s soundtrack still contains some unforgettable tunes, such as the Hyrule Castle theme, the Hateno Village theme, and Kass’ theme. For fans hoping to own a physical version of this soundtrack one day, Nintendo Japan recently announced the release of an official Breath of the Wild OST. This five-disk soundtrack, available in both a standard edition and a special “First Print” edition, will release on April 25th and is available for preorder right now.

The official Breath of the Wild OST will include all music from the main game, both DLC packs, and pre-release trailers. The soundtrack includes five disks, with a total of 211 tracks. Two versions of the soundtrack have been announced: the standard edition and the First Print edition. The First Print edition comes with special Sheikah-inspired packaging, a “Play Button” music player (preloaded with the game’s overworld music), and a clear-file.

The standard edition will cost 5,000 yen + tax (approximately $49 USD), and the First Print edition will cost 7,000 yen + tax (approximately $67 USD). Both editions are currently available for preorder at Amazon Japan (standard edition here, First Print edition here), CDJapan (standard edition here, First Print edition here), and Play-Asia (standard edition here, First Print edition here).

Both editions of the official OST will release April 25th. Fans can listen to a list of sample tracks from the soundtrack right here.

Will you be adding either edition of the soundtrack to your collection? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Nintendo Japan (via ResetEra)

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