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You knew it was coming – we’re going all-out for Ocarina of Time 3D during the month of June to celebrate its upcoming 3DS release. Press copies of the game are trickling in around the country, meaning that it’s a matter of time before we can show off our very own unboxing of the game – but the real feature is going to be our Ocarina of Time 3D walkthrough, which kicks off today with its debut chapter.

As with our Wind Waker and Link to the Past walkthroughs, this one has all kind of bells and whistles in terms of intra- and inter-chapter navigation, full item and enemy descriptions, and directions for obtaining all the optional pickups scattered throughout the game. Eventually there’ll even be an alternate Ocarina of Time 3D: Master Quest guide to walk you through all the changes made in the Master Quest edition of the game, including its mirrored world and remixed puzzles. Of course, since press copies are just getting delivered today we obviously can’t include screenshots of the 3DS version just yet, but we got some images from the GameCube version courtesy of Youtube LPer AceofSuns.

Look for daily updates as the month progresses, and as we experience Ocarina of Time 3D for ourselves we’ll also be talking up some tidbits on some of the stuff that’s changed between versions, whether graphically or otherwise.

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