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It looks like the time has finally come for us to start talking about the Ocarina of Time 3D launch. If you live in or near Pittsburgh then you’re in luck, as there will be what sounds like a pretty decent launch event – with some StreetPass activities (not with Ocarina of Time of course), food, drink and a Super Smash. Bros Brawl tournament. Jump inside for the full details on that. As for the rest of us elsewhere in the world, we can be hopeful that our local game stores should be holding a launch event of their own, after all, this is Ocarina of Time!

A few of our commenters here at Zelda Informer and on our Facebook page have been asking for the release dates, so they are below if you haven’t noted them down. Given some of the pre-order bonuses, I’d suggest making sure you have a pre-order, especially seen as we’re not really sure if there’s going to be an abundance of copies available at launch. EB Games in Australia is also giving away a free bonus poster with pre-orders.

Release Dates

Japan: June 16, 2011

PAL: June 17, 2011

US: June 19, 2011

Pittsburgh Launch Event

Ocarina of Time 3D Pittsburgh GameSpot Launch

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