Japanese Website Thumbnails

So there I was checking to see if the Japanese Ocarina of Time website had added that new video that has long said “coming soon”. That I don’t have an answer to, because the whole website has undergone a massive overhaul. I couldn’t find the old videos, but there is plenty of other new content.

Judging by the pictures, it is all information on what we’ve recently learned – such as about Master Quest, Visions and the Boss Replay Challenge. What it’s worth checking out for is lots of new images that we haven’t seen before. We won’t be posting them here because they’re so tiny and are in Japanese – but give them a look. You can see the new Gossip Stones, the Ocarina interface, bombs and more. Not all links are active, so there’s sure to be more coming very soon. There is no sign of updates on either the US or UK sites yet.

UPDATE: The Japanese site has added the new video detailing Master Quest. It is of course all in Japanese, but gives some new visuals.

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