Young Link Art.png

In light of all the Ocarina of Time 3D screenshot content that’s appeared alongside the recent burst of information, I’ve taken the liberty of adding as much of it as possible to our Ocarina of Time 3D Screenshot Gallery Page. This page includes both the official press screens released alongside the information from extended preview event that released yesterday as well as the new screenshots found on the Japanese Ocarina of Time official site. Today also sees the debut of a new piece of official artwork for Young Link (pictured at left).

Throughout the day I’ll also be working on a mini-guide detailing all the major changes and updates to Ocarina of Time 3D that we currently know about – from visual updates to gameplay to new game modes and features. This guide will be added to our Ocarina of Time game page, and I’ll provide a link in an upcoming news post. For now, head over to the screenshot page and check out all the updates (newer screens appear closer to the bottom of the page).

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