Our loyal and diligent readers might remember a news post way back when about a group of dudes known as TeamBetaTriforce who were attempting to create a playable version of the beta version of Ocarina of Time. Their first video was a showcase of the graveyard area, and their second, Link battling a Wallmaster, can be found below:

The Wallmaster isn’t completely done—still needs some remodeling and reprogramming—but we’ll take what we can get; it’s great just to see more of this thing in action.

Additionally, included in a batch of official screenshots was one a character named Aria, an NPC who could be seen in a handful of screenshots in the original beta. Fun fact: she can be found in the data of the debug version of Ocarina of Time under the title “object_human.zobj.” Another fun fact: I used to date a chick with that name. Anyway, a comparison:





But wait, you’re forgetting the best part: playable save states of the graveyeard area and the Wallmaster fight! Click here for the download links.

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