TeamBetaTriforce’s work on creating a playable version of the Ocarina of Time beta takes another step towards completion with their latest update—the importing of the data for both the Castle Town and Turtle Rock areas.

Both went through massive changes before the final version of Ocarina of Time was released; the beta Castle Town area was completely re-worked, later being used as the city design in Capcom’s Mega Man 64, while Turtle Rock became the inspiration for the Fire Temple, with its Goron rescue mission and housing of the Fire Arrows.

As of right now, the models are textureless, but it’s still possible to get an excellent idea of what these areas will look like. The game will still be Adult Link-only, so just go ahead and disregard Young Link’s presence in the screenshots and video below.

Castle Town:





Turtle Rock:



And make sure to keep an eye out during the next week or so, as TeamBetaTriforce is promising an update that will totally make your head explode.Trust us: it will be the bomb.

Previous updates can be found here and here.

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