From here on out our Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough updates are teaming up with our kinda-sorta daily fan art feature to bring you double the Ocarina 3D goodness at once! Chapter 3 takes you across the beautiful expanses of Hyrule Field, now prettier than ever on the 3DS, and so I chose this gorgeous piece of lovely by deviantARTist AiBryce to commemorate today’s release. Check out his deviantART homepage for more, and more, and more.

Check below for a list of the previous updates, or just visit the Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough homepage and start browsing! Remember, we obviously can’t include screenshots of the 3DS version just yet, so in the meantime we’re using screens from the GameCube version courtesy of Youtube LPer AceofSuns. We’ll update with 3DS images and other content as soon as we can!

Update History:

Art Credits: AiBryce @ deviantART

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