First things first. Greetings fellow nerds! If you noticed a different name from the usual staff here and wondered: “hmm? is that a new guy?” then you guessed correctly! I’ll be bringing you fine readers interesting news from the infinite corners of the internet as best as I possibly can, so please look forward to future posts from me. It’s a pleasure to be working for an awesome site like Zelda Informer and I look forward to getting to know the staff and readers.

Now onto some Zelda News!

If you happen to live in Greece and pre-order Ocarina of Time 3D then you get All of following items! (thanks to Dimpap28 for the correction)

1. Deku Seeds

2. Hat with Zelda logo

3. Zelda keyring

4. Pouch

5. Ocarina

Seems like a nice handful of gifts! Usually pre-orders offer one gift only so it’s nice when buyers get something nice in return. The ocarina and the pouch are on a “limited availability” with the Deku seeds (Acacia seeds) are on a “very limited availability” which I find a little interesting, I would imagine the Ocarina being more of a rarity than seeds.

Here’s hoping that Nintendo decides to bring these awesome pre-order bonuses to the US.

via GoNintendo

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