When I played Ocarina of Time Master Quest on the GameCube I was quite disappointed. It wasn’t even really that hard. It looks like that is going to change on the 3DS. We already know that Master Quest is included as a second quest in the 3D version, but there’s more. Our buddy Masses from Zelda Dungeon had some hands on time with Ocarina of Time 3D at special press event, and has lots of news on this re-release.

First off Master Quest is now mirrored. Left is right, right is left. East is west, west is east. It’s kind of like Twilight Princess on the Wii, or even Mario Kart’s mirrored cup. Not only that, but the enemies now cause twice as much damage to Link. We have also all heard about the Boss Replay Challenge, which can also be played in “Master Quest mode”.

Master Quest 3D 1

Master Quest 3D 2

Source: Zelda Dungeon

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