Ocarina of Time

It’s freaking Ocarina of Time, in 3D, with heaps of improvements and features – of course its one of the most wanted games of the month the most wanted game of the month. This is what Nerd Mentality had to say about it:

Few would argue against the original Ocarina of Time residing in the pantheon of the greatest video games of all time – though we have quite the debate raging here about which Zelda is the best ever. In this 25th anniversary year of Link’s original adventure, it’s only fitting that a remastered version makes its way onto Nintendo’s newest console. The 3DS version comes complete with updated graphics and the inclusion of the Master Quest. Really if you don’t know what this game is by now, what’re you doing reading this?

Also worth looking forward to this month is Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D. This is what the Nerd’s had to say:

With Zelda and now Resident Evil, the 3DS library is finally getting a boost this month to satisfy early adopters. This particular entry in the series features the Mercenaries mode from Resident Evil 4 and 5 in which you must try to kill as much as you can within a set time limit. Not sold? Maybe the inclusion of wi-fi coop and a Resident Evil: Revelations demo might win you over.

Source: Nerd Mentality (via GoNintendo)

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