Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Dark Link

Mases of Zelda Dungeon continues to share what he found out at the invite-only Ocarina of Time 3D press-event. This time he talks about the Water Temple. We’ve already mentioned this but we’ll recap. There will be three different colored lines (red, green and blue) on doors and walls in the temple that guide players to where the water levels can be altered. Personally, I am happy with this because it helps newer players, but really makes no difference to us who already know what we’re doing. Great work there Nintendo and Grezzo. More details inside.

If great minds truly do think alike, then Mases and I have great minds because these colored lines make us both think of the Great Bay Temple in Majora’s Mask. Of course he mentions how the temple just flows through without having to pause to take the iron boots on and off. It’s just an easy tap of the icon on the touch screen – which is apparently so large that a touch of the thumb is just as easy as using the stylus. Mases suggests that we need not use the stylus.

As for items, there are now four “slots” to assign them to, which makes things a lot quicker and easier. Also note that the Ocarina doesn’t need to be assigned to one of those four slots because it has its own permanently. In all, there are no changes to The Water Temple at least up to the Dark Link fight, which I am happy with. It looks like Nintendo realize that the temple itself is fine and significant alterations would piss off a lot of players of the original. If Nintendo considers colored lines, enhanced maps and better item controls all that is required to “improve” the Water Temple, then I agree entirely.

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