Hey, Zelda Dungeoners! This week’s Ocarina Time is for the second half of the Wind Waker Title Theme. Jump on in to learn a song for the best instrument in the Zelda series!

This week’s video was a bit difficult in all aspects. The lighting was being difficult, the song was difficult, difficult difficult difficult… I’m thinking something easier is in order for next week.

Comment and let me know which Zelda songs you’d like to learn for next week, as well as for weeks to come, and makes sure to like the video and subscribe to my channel so you can be notified when I put out performance videos, such as this one.

If this week’s video gets 100 likes, I will teach the Stone Tower Temple Theme next week. Just a little bit of incentive to press a button.

Thanks for watching Ocarina Time, Zelda Dungeoners!


^C ^C b A G A F E F G

^C F F b F F A

A b ^C ^D ^D A F ^C

^C b A F G A G G G

F E F G G ^C G E

b F F A A G E G F D F

1st [b ^C ^D A F A G G A G, then repeat from the beginning to the second set]

2nd [b ^C ^D A F A G G ^C C C]

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