Yesterday, Youtuber, video-game music artist, and songwriter Brent “brentalfloss” Black released a very important entry in his “with lyrics” youtube series in which he creates lyrics to the most memorable of video game tunes. The object of his ire was none other than the legendary, often-beloved Ocarina of Time, for which he points out the flaws that make it an unworthy Zelda title to him. Joined by fellow video-game music artist and a cappella singer, Dave Bulmer, Brent sings us through the classic argument: is Ocarina of Time really all that great?

Beginning with a discouraged Brent giving up on Ocarina of Time 12 hours in, he turns to the Internet to express his angst; why is this game so adored? Before he gets too far, however, Dave warns him of the dangerous (and largely true) repercussions of talking badly about the legendary title where Zelda fans can hear you. This quickly escalates to a full-out argument between the two impassioned gamers, all sung to the tune of classics such as Zelda’s Lullaby, the Hyrule Field Theme, and Gerudo Valley, with only their voices as accompaniment.

As an avid musical theater and a cappella music fan, this video hits all the right notes with me. I even find myself agreeing with quite a few points made by Brent, although the presentation is definitely doing a lot to get me to listen – and hum along at that! Check out the full video above and check out brentalfloss’ youtube page and website for more video-game tunes with lyrics. Will you be sharing this or any of his other videos with your friends and family this Christmas Day?

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