Three years later, the story trailer for Breath of the Wild from the Nintendo Switch Presentation remains iconic, as the Zelda fanbase still praises its music, its editing, and the ways it builds exposition. In fact, our staff recently named it the best trailer of the past decade. This 2017 trailer was a precursor to one of the best installments of the franchise, and perhaps even caused a rivalry with the famed Ocarina of Time.

YouTuber GreatBitArcade has melded these two Zelda titles together in a story trailer for Ocarina of Time in the style of Breath of the Wild‘s acclaimed 2017 trailer, combining that trailer’s music, timing, and voice acting with footage from Ocarina of Time and Ocarina of Time 3D. The content creator even went so far as to create parallels with each shot. For example, when played side-by-side, Princess Zelda turns to Link at the same time as her Ocarina of Time counterpart. The video is chock full of these similarities!

All in all, the video is a celebration of both titles, showing how far the series has come as well as how much both games contributed to the franchise. What do you think of the fan-made trailer? Should Zelda trailers have always had dramatic twists and turns like movie previews? What do you think the next sequel trailer will expose? Let us know in the comments below!

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