Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 10.00.44 PMYouTube user “Mr Dooves” (under the channel name Triforcefilms) has recently collaborated with acapella musician Jaron Davis to cover Ocarina of Time’s iconic “Hyrule Field Theme.” This tune is one of the most memorable and familiar songs from the game, symbolizing adventure as Link steps into that vast overworld hub for the first time.
Hit the jump to hear this multitrack musical arrangement!


Out of the several “Hyrule Field” theme’s throughout the Zelda games, the Ocarina of Time version is one of the most recognizable. Leaving Kokiri Forest and entering Hyrule Field is a turning point in the game for Link, and it’s the start of his adventure!

The vocals and audio editing are extremely well done, and the other sound effects make the melody sound extremely similar to the original. These two individuals have done such a great job with this nostalgic tune! Make sure to check out both Triforcefilms and Jaron Davis’ channels for more high quality acapella covers!

What do you guys think? What other Zelda songs do you find worthy of an acapella cover? Would you like to hear more from these YouTube channels? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube