Ocarina of Time: Can Can

The folks over at GoNintendo have found a cool video pertaining to Ocarina of Time and its many sound effects. The video is about two minutes long and starts off as Link enters a boss battle with Bongo Bongo. It begins with the pounding of Bongo Bongo’s drum, moving onto many other noises made by characters and weapons throughout the game. All the sound effects are put in a specific order to sound like the song “can-can”. If you aren’t familiar with the name, I can almost guarantee you’ve heard it before and will recognize it the instant it kicks off.

I personally cannot even gauge how much creativity, dedication and time it took into making this video. To think about each sound effect, how it relates to the song and where it can be put, it hurts just thinking about it. What did you think of the video and how it was put together? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: GoNintendo
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