It is widely known that during Nintendo’s development of Majora’s Mask in order to save time during the development process and get the game out a lot earlier, they used Ocarina of Time’s game engine and character models. That became the reason why there were a lot of characters from Ocarina of Time found in Majora’s Mask. Although the same characters were used in both games some of them possess very obvious differences if you were to compare the two.

Please take the jump to see two of the examples.

(Ocarina of Time on left, Majora’s Mask on right)

Obviously the first example shall be Link. Some differences between the character models are that unlike Ocarina of Time Link, Majora’s Mask Link possess much more shadow detail in his tunic and his hair is slightly lighter and isn’t as big in the front. Also another thing to notice is that compared to OoT Link, MM Link has a belt to hold his scabbard and sword in place.

(Ocarina of Time on left, Majora’s Mask on right)

Another example is that of the Goron. One thing to notice is the lighter skin tone that the Majora’s Mask Goron has. He also has pinker lips than the Ocarina of Time one and has a much rounder, full face.

This is quite interesting. I wonder what other characters that are found in both games have differences between them. It almost makes me want to go and play both games and compare some of the characters just to see what those differences are. What do you guys think? Is this pretty interesting? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Nintendo Everything

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