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Every once in awhile, you see some sort of Zelda review or Zelda article that just makes you shake your head, thinking, what the heck is the author even talking about? Well, today we have another one of these, but this time in the form of a retrospective review of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Rob Lefebvre of Anchor Web created the piece and a segment of his review can be seen below.

But as Link traverses the kingdom, there really doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it. Sure, it has a bit of a darker tone, but everybody is employed. Before Link was sealed, there were people complaining they were out of work, but now everyone has some job serving Ganondorf; even some lonely stableman in the middle of nowhere has a paying job. Ganondorf really hasn’t done anything despicably evil.

The point that Rob made here, is just, wrong? Throughout the game, as you interact with the various people of Hyrule and travel through the dungeons, you find out all the bad things that Ganon actually did do. While more people might be mindlessly working under the rule of Ganon, the man is also responsible for some horrid things. The one that immediately pops in my head is that he revived the ancient dragon Volvagia deep within the Fire Temple, and has been feeding Gorons to the dragon to prevent others from future rebellions. Then there is the Castle Market, which went from being a prosperous small town, to a dead place that was literally… filled with the dead redeads. Are these really the signs of a non-evil ruler?

The author also touches on topics such as the lack of voice acting, there being nothing special with Link at all, and even marks down the game by saying that the game menus are hard to navigate. All in all, this is just another one of those poorly done, attention grabbing articles. While there seems to be a movement in the Zelda community to move away from the beloved Ocarina of Time, this article doesn’t really support that cause. If you are going to rip Ocarina of Time apart, there seriously are some things worth mentioning, none of which can be really found here. However, this articles does serve an important purpose. This is what we can all sti back and look at, laugh at, and then relive in our minds all the great things that we saw in what many consider to be the greatest game ever, the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Has Ocarina of Time really lost its touch? Is it still what many consider to be the best Zelda game, or even the best game of all time? What are your views of the Ocarina of Time? Let us know in the comments below.

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