Ocarina of Time 3DS Trailer

Thanks to CrazyFreak from our partnered site ZeldAnime for pointing this out to us. A recorded version of the Ocarina of Time 3DS trailer that was shown at Nintendo World 2011 has surfaced and is now available for viewing below.

There isn’t anything overly new and it just showcases several of the child Link scenes from the game. It is nice to see it in motion and there are noticeable graphical differences from the original Ocarina of Time. As with all 3DS games, we will not be able to fully experience the 3D portion of the game until we can get our hands on the game ourselves. Ocarina of Time 3DS has been confirmed that it won’t be a launch title in Japan, so it may still be several months before we get out hands on it here in the US and elsewhere around the world.

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