Ocarina of Time 3DS Footage

While snooping through the vast world known as the Internet, I came upon some footage of Ocarina of Time 3DS. The footage is a little old since it was from Nintendo’s developer conference, and you’ll have to pay close attention as the angle and quality of the footage isn’t the best. I would also like to remind everyone that you will not get the real 3DS effect when watching.

The first question that came to mind was “How did they do it?”. Nintendo is strict and secretive when it comes to releasing new information. I wonder if Nintendo knew that it was being videotaped. The angle seems pretty bad, which hints that it could have been videotaped secretively.

The one minute video clips says to me that they have made some good progress. I have some experience with 3D modeling and animation, and for this clip it would take some time to create. Also, I highly doubt Nintendo would show something like this without having the game somewhat developed. The models and background in the clip seem pretty good in my opinion, so I would expect a playable demo at TGS (Tokyo Game Show).

I’m curious as to what you guys think. Do you believe this was videotaped behind Nintendo’s back, or did Nintendo have knowledge of the videotaping? Do you think it will be fairly improved compared to the original Ocarina of Time, and if so, how much? Finally, how far do you think they are in the development?

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