Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Footage for Ocarina of Time begins at roughly 2:27. It’s worth noting that the sound effects are identical to the original Ocarina of Time, as is the secret chime when Link burns down the web that is blocking his path. Thus, while it does look like the models and textures are being revamped, the core game seems to be the same as it was 12years ago. The short clip shows Link in one of the basement floors of the Great Deku Tree and very little seems to be changed at all. A deku baba is in the exact same place, and the same puzzle requires Link to use a deku stick to burn down the web.

Ocarina of Time 3DS InventoryPerhaps the bigger changes can be seen with Link’s inventory system. As you can see in the image to the right, the bottom screen is completely new from what we’ve seen before. There are a lot of goodies, so let’s take things step by step.

–1. Eye Icon: The eye is for camera control and it should presumably work very similar to how “Up-C” controlled on the Nintendo 64.
–2. A Button: Still the action button. Can be used to open doors, roll, or to put your sword away when it is out.
–3. B Button: Link’s sword. Fairly straight forward as it will allow Link to slash away with his sword.
–4. X and Y Buttons: Allows Link to use his equipped items. Slingshot and Deku Stick are pictured.
–5. Middle Tablet at the bottom: Used for the Map and presumably will show the different floors or areas when touched.
–6. Left Tablet at the bottom: For equipment. Thus, making it just a tap or two away from changing tunic or putting on the Iron Boots.
–7. Right Tablet at the bottom: For items. You’ll likely be able to change equipped items with just a tap or two of the stylus.
–8. R and L buttons will presumably serve as your shield and z-targeting buttons.
–9. When navigating the inventory, R and L will be used to quickly swap from the different menus, much like they did in the Nintendo 64 version.

Lastly, it is said to have a release date of Spring 2011. While this is a bit vague, and there is reason to be skeptical, this is how they are advertising it for now. Be sure to check back here at Zelda Dungeon for all the latest on Ocarina of Time 3DS, and remember, we’ll be updating our Ocarina of Time Walkthrough upon release, with any new information related to the 3DS version.

Source: NeoGaf (Thanks TSA)

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