Nintendo of Europe has uploaded a news post about the upcoming Golden Joystick Awards. The Golden Joystick Awards is a European awards ceremony that reward games for certain categories e.g best game of the year. Think of it as the Oscars, but for games. This year, one of our beloved games: The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D has been nominated for best RPG Game. It has also been nominated for the best category of the awards: The ultimate game of the year award. Jump in for more details.

Nintendo has made a request to cast your vote and to help your favorite games to succed in this Annual Award Ceremony. Ocarina of Time 3D has been nominated for a very huge award, and Nintendo would like us to vote for it. So if you want Ocarina of Time 3D to win the ultimate game of the year or the best RPG award, then head on over to the Golden Joysticks Awards website to cast your vote. I myself have cast my vote. What I voted for is for me to know and you to find out.

So head on over to the nomination site and begin casting your votes. But hurry, the awards ceremony begins on October the 21st, so you don’t have long. Fingers crossed that Ocarina of Time 3D wins something.

Source: Golden Joystick Awards
Via: Nintendo of Europe

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