Our good friends from over at ZeldaPower posted this glitch at their website just over a week ago and I found it to be pretty neat. Apparently if you slash a bush in the Market at night time and then walk in a specific direction, the stranded dogs get stuck and freeze in place. You can do this over and over to get all the dogs to basically stop in their tracks. This glitch was in the original Nintendo 64 version of the game and was preserved in the Nintendo 3DS remake. It’s not a very helpful glitch at all, but it’s just something pretty neat. Furthermore, I think it’s awesome that they kept little things like this from the original in the 3DS remake.

Are there any cool glitches that you’ve discovered? Any fun secrets that were in the original Nintendo 64 version that you found the developers purposely kept in the remake? If you know of any, let us know by posting in the comments below. Additionally, if you’d like to capture some footage we’ll very likely post it right here at the site!

Source: ZeldaPower
Source: ZeldaPower’s YouTube Channel
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