Ocarina of Time 3D Soundtrack CoverOur friends at Hyrule.net have gotten their hands on the Japanese soundtrack reward for registering Ocarina of Time 3D on Club Nintendo. This CD has 51 tracks from Ocarina of Time 3D including the one orchestrated track that appears in the game. They’re the same songs composed by Koji Kondo in 1998, remastered for the 3DS by Mahito Yokota. The Nintendo of America CDs still haven’t shipped yet, but if you just can’t wait, or are one of the many who weren’t able to register their game on time and complete the offer, then now’s your chance to get it early. This is the Japanese CD, but we’ve translated the file names and track titles for you. Click “read more” to find the download link and the track list.

Click here to download a translated version of the Japanese Ocarina of Time 3D soundtrack.

This soundtrack includes:

  1. Title
  2. Deku Tree’s Theme
  3. Fairy Flying
  4. Inside a House
  5. Kokiri Forest
  6. Shop
  7. Battle
  8. Inside the Deku Tree
  9. Boss Battle
  10. Hyrule Field Main Theme
  11. Kaepora Gaebora’s Theme
  12. Castle Town
  13. Hyrule Castle Courtyard Game
  14. Princess Zelda’s Theme
  15. Lon Lon Ranch
  16. Kakariko Village
  17. Goron City
  18. Lost Woods
  19. Middle Boss Battle
  20. Dodongo Boss Battle
  21. Zora’s Domain
  22. Great Fairy’s Fountain
  23. Potion Shop
  24. Temple of Time
  25. Master Sword
  26. Ganondorf’s Theme
  27. Chamber of the Sages
  28. Sheik’s Theme
  29. Horse Race
  30. Kakariko Village 2
  31. Windmill Hut
  32. Ocarina “Minuet of Forest”
  33. Forest Temple
  34. Ocarina “Bolero of Fire”
  35. Fire Temple
  36. Ice Cavern
  37. Ocarina “Serenade of Water”
  38. Water Temple
  39. Ocarina “Nocturne of Shadow”
  40. Ocarina “Prelude of Light”
  41. Shadow Temple
  42. Gerudo Valley
  43. Spirit Temple
  44. Ocarina “Requiem of Spirit”
  45. Koume & Kotake’s Theme
  46. Ganondorf Battle
  47. Ganon’s Final Battle
  48. Ocarina of Time
  49. Ocarina Song Medley
  50. Staff Roll
  51. Staff Roll 2 (Orchestra)

We’ll be adding the North American CD to our Soundtracks page when we get it. It will have the titles and tags exactly as they appear on the CD, but the music will be the same.

Source: Hyrule.net

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