A nice big box arrived in the mail today and it contained my press copy of Ocarina of Time 3D! Not just a copy of the game, but several goodies that were included as well. Nintendo of America sent me some fact sheets for the game, an Ocarina of Time 3D T-Shirt, and even a miniature Ocarina! You can see all these goodies in the video that I have embedded just above. I can show a few individual 30-second clips and I’ll be posting some of those over the course of the next few days. However, I am restricted as to what i can post and talk about.

Either way, Ocarina of Time 3D is set for release here in the United States… this month! Yes, it’s already June, meaning we can now talk about the release in terms of days as opposed to months. Ocarina of Time 3D release on the 16th in Japan, the 17th in Europe, the 19th in North America, and the 30th in Australia. Be sure to check back here at Zelda Dungeon for all the latest goodies concerning Ocarina of Time 3D.

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