Over at the Greece Ocarina of Time 3D site, pre-order gifts for those in Greece have been revealed. And at Amazon Germany, they’ve released a nice little gift as well. Nintendo of Greece is giving away several different gifts, all of which are great little prizes. Items included from Greece are Deku Tree Seeds (Acacia seeds), Ocarina of Time 3D themed 3DS Pouch, Ocarina, Ocarina of Time 3D Cap, and an Ocarina of Time Keyring. The item from Germany is an Ocarina of Time 3D 3DS Pouch. Make the jump to see the items they’re giving away with the preorder!


Deku Nuts





  1. Deku Tree Seeds (Acacia seeds) [very limited availability]
  2. OoT 3D themed 3DS Pouch [limited availability]
  3. Ocarina [limited availability]
  4. OoT 3D Cap
  5. OoT Keyring


German Pouch

Ocarina of Time 3D themed 3DS Pouch

Well, now that we know that Germany and Greece get cool little preorder gifts, here’s hoping that the rest of the world does too! What do you think about these gifts? Do you like them? Let us know in the comments!

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