The folks over at Nintendo Life have posted their official review for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and guess what… another 10 out of 10! You can read the full two page review over at the site, but shown below is their quick conclusion.

As you may have already guessed, this is a title that we wholeheartedly recommend. Beautiful visuals, improved controls, exceptional pacing and engrossing gameplay are all present and correct. The N64 version is an all-time gaming classic, but this is truly the finest edition of Ocarina of Time. Is it absolutely perfect from a technical perspective? Not quite, but it is close to gaming perfection, a classic that has been refined and polished with great care. Time to find a quiet room, plug in some headphones, and get swept away by one of the finest video games ever created.

In addition to Nintendo Life, we’ve got other reviews from Pocket Gamer, and Game Kult. To see a listing of all the reviews and their scores, continue to read on.

Pocket Gamer: 10 10
Nintendo Life: 10
Official Nintendo Magazine: 9.8
Nintendo Power: 9.5
German GamePro: 9.3
German M!Gamse: 9.3
Game Kult: 9.0

Adding up all these scores, we get an average score thus far of 9.6125, or as some reviewers give out percentages… a 96%. Ocarina of Time 3D looks to be living up to all the hype set forth by its original release in 1998. The game is set for release on June 16th in Japan, June 17th in Europe, June 19th in North America, and June 30th in Australia. Be sure to stay tuned for more Ocarina of Time 3D coverage.

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