There have been tons of new goodies made available for the upcoming Ocarina of Time 3D. This includes the brand new trailer that you see above. This is the same trailer that we saw for Ocarina of Time back in 1998, but it has been revamped to include footage from Ocarina of Time 3D. Furthermore, if you are currently a Nintendo 3DS owner, you can log on to the 3DS E-Shop and download the trailer straight to your 3DS. That way you can enjoy the brand new trailer in 3D!

That’s not all though, we have several completely new pieces of official artwork, as well as a dozen new screenshots for the game. One of the new pieces is of young Princess Zelda and you can click it to the left to view a larger version. Come inside to check out the rest of the goodies.

You can check out all of the Ocarina of Time 3D Screenshots and some Ocarina of Time Character Artwork over at our image gallery.

Ganondorf Ocarina of Time 3D

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