When I was at the supermarket yesterday I browsed the magazine section and I picked up the Fall 2011 GamePro special. This isn’t one of the magazines I subscribe to regularly, but I always check to see if there are any Zelda goodies inside. They had their review of Ocarina of Time 3D and one of the Cons that they listed was that the player had to go through the entire main quest and beat it before unlocking the Master Quest. One day later I was watching an episode of Family Gamer TV and the host stated that he thought the Master Quest should have been featured from the beginning as well.

I’m a bit torn on the issue but I think the Master Quest being available from the start would have been the better way to go. It would give Zelda fans who have already beaten the Nintendo 64 version a quick jump into the more difficult quest. On the flipside, brand new gamers perhaps wouldn’t have the same Ocarina of Time experience if they tried the Master Quest first without playing the regular quest. Granted, I think most new gamers would choose the normal quest first anyway, so that might be a moot point.

Forcing players to play the main quest first perhaps gives the game a somewhat annoying sense of replay value. It pretty much forces you to play the entire game twice if you truly want to complete it. This undeniably will cause the game to be in your Nintendo 3DS a bit longer, but is it worth it? Do fans have as much fun playing through the Master Quest the second time around? How do you think Nintendo should have handled the Master Quest issue? Let us know by posting in the comments below.

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