A brand new Japanese Teaser Trailer for Ocarina of Time 3D is now available and you can watch it above. The 2:23 trailer really showcases a lot of goodies including the cinematic opening, Link battling in various dungeons, against various bosses, solving memorable puzzles, and much more. You truly get a good sense of the upgraded visuals just by watching this trailer. The trailer is truly epic, showcasing so many amazing moments in the game. Be warned though, if you have never played Ocarina of Time before, this trailer does contain quite a bit of spoilers.

The thing that you won’t really see in this trailer, are the new features. There is nothing from the Master Quest, the new game controls, the visions mode, or the boss challenge. It’s purely showcasing the greatness of the classic Ocarina of Time with the upgraded visuals… and that by no means is a bad thing. That game looks glorious.

Ocarina of Time 3D is set for release on June 19th here in the United States. Be sure to stay tuned to all the latest Zelda news here at Zelda Dungeon. Until then, be sure to voice your thoughts of this new teaser trailer by posting in the comments below.

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