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The very first review of Ocarina of Time 3D is now in and it was posted in the German edition of GamePro magazine. The review had only good things to say about the game, touching on the graphics, sound, and gameplay. The final score for the game was a 93%, which is already lining it up to be the best reviewed game for the Nintendo 3DS. To date the top reviewed game for the Nintendo 3DS is Super Street Fight IV, garnering a score of 86.67% on GameRankings. A member over at NeoGAF has translated part of the review and you can see his exact translation after the jump.

+ impressive 3d effect
+ pretty light effects
+ loveable characters (complete with funny facial expressions?)

+ familiar (grandiose) themes
+ very rich in variety
+ typical Zelda jingles and sound effects

Pros and Cons
+ long playtime
+ many side quests
+ varied dungeons and boss battles
+ perfect use of the touch screen
+ partial motion control (camera)
+ contains the unlockable master quest
+ the prettiest 3DS game to date (lol)

Bottom Line
brilliant remake of one of the most brilliant games of all time(TM)

UPDATE: A video version of this review has been posted and you can see the video embedded below. It has tons of in-game footage of various parts of the game.

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